IT Master Plan: Present and Future

Save 20 to 40% on your telecommunications
Build a better future!

IT Master Plan: Present and Future

Save 20 to 40% on your telecommunications
Build a better future!

IT Master Plan, network infrastructure and architecture

In order to set technological, strategic goals and determine the means required to achieve them with ease while limiting costs, a company must have a solid IT Master Plan. That way, it can take its assets and its business needs into account to achieve its medium and long-term goals.


Preparing a well-designed IT Master Plan is in fact a valuable support for any telecom project, since it helps structure the overall management of your organization by focusing on optimizing your telecommunications technologies and reducing the expenses associated with them. An IT Master Plan is therefore an essential tool for reaching your technological innovation goals.

To develop a Master Plan, PURE innovation rigorously analyzes the working mechanism of all of your company’s services in order to fully understand the situation they’re in, in the aim of recommending work solutions that are optimized and profitable over the long term.

The PURE innovation method in 5 steps

1 Status of the current situation

  • Determine the goals and challenges
  • Hold interviews with key employees
  • Make an inventory of the equipment and applications
  • Evaluate the performance of the existing infrastructure
  • Summarize the current business processes
  • Identify the problems and risks

2 Describe the target situation

  • Determine the new needs and priorities
  • Summarize the target business processes
  • Identify the risks

3 Analysis and diagnosis

  • Validate our understanding
  • Establish a progressive plan based on your priorities
  • Describe the proposed solution
  • Choose the potential providers
  • Make a budget estimate

4 Recommendations

  • Evaluate the rate of return on the capital invested and the repercussions for the organization
  • Assess the annual costs

5 Develop the IT Master Plan

  • Design the IT Master Plan
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Follow-up
  • Technological monitoring

The PURE innovation advantage

Choosing PURE innovation to assist you with the planning for the optimization of your telecom services means getting an overview of your company’s telecommunications infrastructure, along with its strengths and weaknesses, as well as a strategic redesign of all or part of it, depending on your real needs. PURE innovation therefore holds up a mirror to your business, always with the main goal of making your telecom investments profitable and optimizing your business processes.



An in-depth analysis of your IT architecture;


A validation of your governance structure;


An alignment of your business goals, your telecom vision, and the risk management;


Technical and financial recommendations with the right priorities for action to avoid bad investments;


A 3- or 5-year roadmap for your telecommunications

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