Contract Management, Negotiation
and Clause Review

30 to 65% savings per year
Get peace of mind!

Contract Management, Negotiation, and Clause Review

30 to 65% savings per year
Get peace of mind!

Telecom expert in contract management

Thanks to our agreements and our privileged relationships with various Canadian and American service providers in the telecommunications industry, we keep technological watch over the latest services offered and the lowest rates on the market. This advantage allows us to negotiate your phone, internet, and mobile services with complete impartiality, so you can take advantage of significant cost reductions.

Why this service?


Reduce negotiation time with the different providers;


Get access to the best rates from the various providers in the industry;


Reduce your costs as much as possible (save 30 to 65%);


Stop paying too much or paying for unused services;


Stop automatic renewals, which can quickly become unmanageable;


Make sure the clauses in your contracts aren’t hiding any nasty surprises;


Get recommendations on the most suitable technologies for your needs;


Improve your relationship with your providers;


Get your money’s worth!

The PURE innovation method

Simplified negotiation: Get peace of mind!

Our services include the following elements:

  • Basic infrastructure analysis;
  • Recommendations for optimization solutions;
  • Requests & review of the quotes from the different providers;
  • Comparative analysis of the estimates received;
  • Hearing with the chosen providers;
  • Negotiating the rates and governance rules;
  • Review and modification of the legal clauses;
  • Assistance with the ordering procedures;
  • Validation of the first invoice.

Bidding process:

Control the complexity of telecoms in large companies

Thanks to our recognized expertise, we impartially handle the negotiation and management process in the Request for Proposal (RFI & RFP) for companies.

  • Basic infrastructure analysis & recommendations;
  • Documentation of the RFP (guide);
  • Managing the bidding process (invitations, submissions, questions, etc.);
  • Hearing with the providers;
  • Negotiating the rates, reviewing the legal clauses and the governance rules.

The PURE innovation advantage


To ensure the reliability of our work, handling and negotiating with the providers always protects the interests of the customers while also ensuring the fair and equitable treatment of the providers. We inform each bidding provider of the customer’s decision with an explanation of the choice and the respect due to them.

Review of the terms and clauses:

This service lets you increase the profitability and simplicity of managing your telecommunications services. To achieve this goal, we validate or redefine the clauses and terms in your company’s various telecommunications service contracts for you to simplify and improve your business relationship with your providers and to assert your rights.

Stop getting overcharged!

Pay only for what you use, and at the right cost!